General FAQs for Home Owners

How can I contact the Board?  

  • You can contact us via our email address at We will respond in a timely manner.

Do you have a late fee or violation policy?  

  • Yes. Please view the Rules and Regulations document for details.

I want to rent my unit. Are there any requirements on my part that must be met?  

  • You must notify Camco Management that you will be renting your unit and provide your mailing address so all homeowner information can be forwarded to you.
  • You also need to provide the renter with a current copy of the Rules and Regulations and explain that they must adhere to them like everyone else. You will be notified of all infractions and be fully responsible for any fees that may be incurred by your tenant.

I will be moving soon and want to know if there are any regulations about the portable moving/storage containers.

  • You must notify Camco Management prior to use to ensure proper installation and to avoid damages to surfaces.  
  • All containers must be placed in the unit's driveway. No containers can be placed on the lawn, in the street or parking spots.
  • Any moving/storage container must be removed after 3 days.

Are trash dumpsters (metal or bag) permitted at Monroe Court? 

  • You must notify Camco Management prior to use of metal dumpsters to ensure proper installation and to avoid damages to surfaces.  
  • Notification is not required for the bag dumpsters.  All containers must be placed in the unit's driveway. No containers can be placed on the lawn, in the street or parking spots.
  • Any dumpster must be removed after 3 days.

Does the trash pick-up date change for holiday weeks?

  • Normal trash pick-up is on Wednesdays.  If there is a holiday that fall on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, trash pick-up will be one day later.
  • For a reminder alert contact Advance Disposal and sign-up on their website:
  • Reminder - All receptacles must be placed in the street no earlier than 6 p.m. the night before pickup. 
  • Receptacles must be returned to garages by the end of each trash day. All receptacles should be marked with your address.

Who do I contact if one of my receptacles has been stolen or lost or broken?

  • Contact Camco Management if any of your receptacles are stolen, lost or broken.

I recycle a lot of items and they do not always fit in the bin provided by the disposal company and sometimes the wind blows the contents around. Can I use a larger receptacle with a lid? 

  • Yes. You can purchase a larger recycle bin with or without a lid from any store as long as it is clearly labeled “RECYCLING.”
  • The HOA is not responsible for any damage or loss and you should put your unit number on the container.

I want to throw out a sofa. Does the disposal company pick up large items?

  • Each home is permitted to place 1 bulk item out for pick up once a month. This does not include air conditioners, refrigerators or freezers.
  • You may contact Advanced Disposal Customer Service at  800-710-1333 to arrange a pickup of such items and pay the cost of removal.

Who is responsible for unit garden maintenance?

  • Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the garden in front and around their unit and under their decks. This includes weeding, mulching, trimming shrubs/trees and removal of dead shrubs/trees.
  • Trees and shrubs must be trimmed if they encroach on neighboring properties and driveways.
  • The community's landscape contractor Blue Tree Landscaping can be contacted at 610-222-0590 and will gladly provide you with an estimate to do the work for you.
  • The area under decks is not a storage area and must be clear of all debris. 
  • Patios under second floor decks should be kept neat and not contain storage items.

What kind of mulch can I use?  

  • There is no specific type of mulch you must use. The recommended color is  black.

What is an architectural review request?  

  • If a homeowner wishes to make architectural changes to the exterior of their unit, a written request must be sent to Camco Management before any materials are purchased and any work commences. 
  • See Section 9 of the Rules and Regulations. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, decks, handicapped access and satellite dishes.

I have a basement door exit, can I install any type of patio? 

  • A brick or cement patio can be installed at the door and under the deck if desired. Because the land is "community" property, the patio cannot extend past the base dimensions of the deck.
  • Please verify specific dimensions with Premier Management.  

I'd like to install a deck - Do I need HOA approval?  

  • Yes. Please submit a drawing of what your deck will look like (no larger than 12x14) with a written request to Camco Management for review and approval.

Can I stain my deck?  

  • Yes. You may stain/waterproof your deck any stain color you want but we ask that you use a color that is a natural stain. 
  • You may not paint your deck with solid colors as this will take away the wood grain that is represented throughout the community.

Can I install a storm door?  

  • Yes. You may purchase any brand of door you desire from any supplier but the color must be white or Bordeaux (Home Depot Behr Exterior Paint is a suggestion).  
  • In addition, the storm door must visibly show the entire front door (i.e., bottom half of the door cannot be solid while the top half is glass or a screen).  
  • The entire length of the door must be visible and the following guidelines are helpful:

  1. Completely Glass
  2. Completely Screen
  3. Half Glass/Half Screen.

I'd like to get a satellite TV dish installed. Is there any approval necessary from the HOA?  

  • Yes. Per the Rules and Regulations, if you plan to have a satellite dish installed, you need to submit a written request to the HOA for approval.
  • Satellite dishes must be installed on the REAR ROOF of the unit unless there is a reception issue with that location defined by the installer.
  • Requests to install dishes other than on the rear roof must be submitted and approved.
  • At no time will a dish be permitted on the stucco facing.
  • Please contact Camco Management if you have any questions regarding dish installation.

Are retractable awnings permitted at Monroe Court? Are there any regulations I need to adhere to?  

  • Yes. Retractable awning are permitted. Before purchasing, please view the Deck Awning regulation for details.

My unit has a crack in the stucco and a disconnected downspout. Who is responsible for the repairs?  

  • Any exterior repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to regularly inspect the exterior of their homes for problems and repair them as soon as possible to avoid higher repair/replacement costs and potential injury.  This includes, but not limited to walkways, steps, decks, stucco, doors, windows, shutters and roofs. Driveways are sealed every 2-3 years by the HOA. If in doubt, contact Camco Management.